The Onga Firepod is a fully portable and completely equipped engine drive pump and 400 L tank package with both suction and discharge hoses fitted to provide a front line approach against ember attacks or spot fire outbreaks, as well as affording a general purpose portable water supply, transfer or irrigation source.

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Key Features

  • Strong and durable construction designed with portability in mind
  • Lightweight high grade corrosion resistant materials
  • Large pump casing with raised suction port and inbuilt non-return valve for better priming capabilities
  • Includes 400 L water tank with built-in suction hose and strainer, 20 m discharge hose and spray nozzle for ease of use
  • The easy stash hose hooks increases the portability making these units quick and easy to pick up and move when required


Ember attack and fire fighting, general water transfer, tank filling and dust suppression.

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