Inground Pool cleaner

Take a big bite out of pool maintenance with the Great White® automatic pool cleaner from Pentair Water Pool and Spa®. This hungry guy is on the prowl scouring the depths for dirt and grime. Unlike other cleaners, the Great White scrubs and vacuums away the toughest dirt. Its patented bristledrive mechanism has the strength to knock loose the most stubborn dirt, while the powerful vacuum action whisks away small and large debris.

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Key Features

  • The Great White is good to go right from the box.
  • Just attach the hose and it’s ready for action.
  • Nothing gets by this guy. The Great White is designed to be constantly on the move and will cover every corner of your pool in search of its next meal.
  • Works in virtually all pool shapes and sizes – cleans walls and floors.
  • Rugged-built thermoplastic construction ensures years of reliable service.
  • Nothing rivals the sheer power of the Great White. It’s the ultimate cleaning machine.

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